Hello world!

Welcome to Colonial Nuggets!

My name is Angel Gonzalez. I teach English and Science in one of the best Public Schools in Madrid (Spain): CEIP San Cristobal.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with a lot of extra resources for my classes and more. I really hope you find it interesting and, above all, useful.

Technology is no longer a choice. The Internet is an amazing tool that can facilitate, improve, and ease the process of learning. However, I do believe that you are still too young to this on your own. Please, ask your parents to sit down with you every time you surf the web.

Either you like what you see here or you think that I’m wasting my time I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and any other feedback. I’m still making some improvements so make sure you check back soon.

Thank you for strong interest for learning.

So say we all!