Irene’s Choice…

“Dear Applicant,
I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the summer
course at School of Fear […] a select institution aimed at eradicating children’s fears through unorthodox methods.”

In this shocking way, starts Irene‘s recommendation for this week: School of fear by Gitty Daneshvari. She got this book in Christmas and she finished it in less than a week. I have read the first chapter and I think it is a very clever and unusual story.

Madeleine is deadly afraid of bugs, especially spiders. Theodore is petrified of dying. Lulu is scared of confined spaces. Garrison is terrified of deep water. The parents of these twelve-year-olds are desperate for help so they send them to the exclusive School of Fear. But the kids notice that a peculiar teacher and her strange teaching style are more frightening than their phobias. This may be the scariest summer of their lives.

Gitty Daneshvary, the author, was born in Los Angeles to an Iranian father and an American mother although she currently lives in New York City. If you have already read the book and you consider yourself brave enough to let Gitty know your own opinion about it you can send her an email from here.

If you click here you will reach the official website of the book where you can find information about the characters, a phobia dictionary (I liked the term phobophobia :)), you can download an excerpt and many many more things.

In Spain you can find this book in almost any bookshop as “Escuela de frikis”. However, my recommendation is that you tried to read it in English. Yes, I know it is hard and difficult. There will be many words that you will not understand. Nevertheless, even when we read a book in Spanish we can deduce the meaning of many words that we didn’t know just by the context. Why don’t you give it a try?

If you are willing to take the chance you can order it from amazon or you can buy it directly in FNAC.

Let me know what you think. Next week: Michael’s choice 🙂

So say we all!!