4th Grade – Science – Unit 8: Ecosystems

Alejandro Ruiz de la Puente - San Cristobal School 4th A

Dear 4th graders,

First things first. If you click on the picture above you will see a bigger copy of the beautiful drawing that Alejandro has made to illustrate this new unit, ecosystems. Alejandro dreams about being a movie director one day. I’m sure he will get to be whatever he wants to be. But for now he is a great artist, a wonderful student and a fabulous kid.

Jungle rainforest at Honolua Bay - Maui, Hawaii by clickfarmer (he is not a student) - License CC

I have found a couple of interesting websites:

· http://www.fi.edu/tfi/units/life/habitat/habitat.html (Detailed but simple explanations with plenty of photographs and diagrams about ecosystems and habitats)

. http://www.kidport.com/RefLib/Science/ScienceIndex.htm (A reference library for science with detailed explanations and photographs of plants and animals)

· http://www.saisanctuary.com/index.htm (A site devoted to protect and preserve the last remaining natural Wild Places of the Earth)

And look, I have also found some videos:

One of the strangest ecosystems on earth lies deep under the ocean: Hydrothermal Vents

A very clarifying video about the food chain:

A very interesting one. Have in mind that they are just trying to sound sarcastic. I really hope this video makes you think about the importance of protecting the Earth’s forests and the wild life that they contain:

What do you think? I really would like to know your opinions.


So say we all!