Ainhoa’s movie: Shorts (A Not-So Tall Tale)

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TOE: What’s wrong with me?

COLE: What’s wrong with you? Oh buddy where do I begin?

Shorts is the movie that Ainhoa has chosen for this weekend’s recommendation. Shorts is a family comedy written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. He is a very famous director and you may have heard of him from other movies, including the popular Spy kids trilogy.

The story is told in a series of smaller chapters. These short sections are how the movie got its name. However, they are not shown in chronological order.

Shorts is set in the suburb of Black Falls, where all the houses look the same and everyone works for BLACK BOX Industries. When a magical rainbow rock falls from the sky a young boy, Toe, (Jimmy Bennett) discovers that it has the power to grant wishes to anyone who touches it.

Ainhoa loves this film because it is a “fantastical story” and she likes the characters: “They all live great adventures”.

Unfortunately Shorts is not based on a book. If you eventually watch it, try to do it in English. This is the reason why we are recommending this movie. Make the effort. Don’t be lazy. 😀

Click here to visit the official website. You will find more videos and some games.

Shorts came out on DVD in January so I’m sure you will be able to find it in your local library. If you happen to watch it, let me know it.

Thanks Ainhoa!

So say we all!!