James’ Gory Stories

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Death walked the fields. Geoffry knew that because his brother told him. He believed everything his brother told him

Dear friends,

James loves history. That is why this morning, with excitement in his eyes, he showed me Plague and Peril, and he said “Hey Angel, this is one of my favorite books”.

It belongs to the Horrible Histories series, a collection of illustrated books designed to get children interested in History (from a British perspective). And, to make it more appealing, the books focus on the most unique, unusual or gory aspects of History.

In Plague and Peril we go back to 1348 where the shadow of the Black Death is descending over England. Geoffrey Copton returns from the war in France, only to find himself caught up in a plot to rob and kill an innocent man…

Terry Deary, the author, has some bizarre ideas about education. However, he has written around 50 titles and he has sold more than 20 million Horrible Histories books. If you want to send him an email you can do it from here. In English, of course.

These are the reasons why James likes this book so much:

  • It’s funny and you learn a lot about The Hundred Years’ War.
  • My favorite character is Cuthbert the Cutler. He always cries when they blame him.
  • The book is about The Black Death or the Plague, which is quite gory.

Fortunately, it is reasonable easy to find some titles of the collection (in English, of course) in Madrid. For example, in Casa del Libro or in FNAC.

Let me know if you manage to read this book or another from the collection. James and I hope you will like them. 😀


So say we all!!!