4th grade – SCIENCE – Unit 9: Light

Dear 4th graders,

I have found some links that might be interesting for you to investigate and study the new unit of Science, light.

But before, if you click on the images bellow you will get a bigger view of the pictures that Ariel and Adriana have made for the occasion. Ariel is a big fan of Nintendo and a wonderful kid. Adri is a budding actress and one of the nicest kids in Madrid.

Ariel Lopez Dono - San Cristobal School - 4th A

Adriana Hernández Acitores - San Cristobal School - 4th A

These websites can be very helpful
· http://www.learner.org/teacherslab/science/light/ (Interactive activities with light, mirrors and colors with explanations for children)

· http://library.thinkquest.org/C001377/lightmatter.htm (Fundamentals, history and laws of light. Lenses and the eye)

Niagara Falls by Warren H (not a student) - License CC

Look, I have also found some curious videos:

An Experiment to show kids how a rainbow is formed

How to make a color spinner. All the colors together!

I hope you will find it useful. Let me know your opinion.

Enjoy the weekend

So say we all!!