Julia’s choice: Emily the Strange

“Emily is: An Artist, A Dreamer, An Inventor, A Scientist, A Skater, A Rocker and An Individual!”

Emily the Strange has been a popular apparel and accessories label for nearly 15 years, with sales in Department Stores, Specialty Boutiques and other trendy retailers throughout the world.

Created by Rob Reger and his company Cosmic Debris in 1993, Emily the Strange has become an internationally known icon for individualism, female empowerment, and do-it-yourself style.

In The Lost Days, her first book, we are are introduced to the mysterious 13-year-old Emily. One problem, though. She has amnesia and has no idea who she is and why she’s in some strange town called Blackrock

As the novel is Emily’s notebook, you’ll find drawings and “photos” throughout it, which add to the fun of reading this book.

Julia (5th B) has already read it and very quickly it has become one of her favorite books. She likes it because: “it is written in first person and it has some funny things. It also has intrigue because Emily has lost her memory and she has to guess why she is where she is (in a town called Blackrock) and who she is. I also liked it because what is written in the book is what she writes in her notebook. Finally, I love that it is based on a comic.”

To sum up, a very imaginative and engaging story, filled with daring feats and odd characters.

Let me know if you read it.

Thanks Julia


So say we all!!