Dear friends,

I have spent a few fantastic days in Teruel. As you all know, Teruel is just one of the three provinces of the Autonomous Community of Aragon. It is noted, among many other things, for its renowned jamón serrano :D, The Lovers of Teruel, or its surrounding archaeological sites with some of the oldest dinosaur remains of the Iberian Peninsula.

I have visited Dinopolis which is the largest dinosaur park in Europe. All the activities allow the visitor to spend a fun day discovering the real size replicas of these amazing creatures. There is a 3D movie with dinosaurs recreated by computer, tours in vans simulating spaces inhabited by dinosaurs, real fossils, workshops, labs… A great experience! And the prices are quite affordable.

If you have not been, I encourage your parents to plan a visit to Teruel and the entire Sierra de Albarracín. It’s well worth a trip!

I really hope you are enjoying your holidays.

I see you all soon!

Take care