Dinosaurs, treasures of the Gobi

Dear friends,

If you like dinosaurs and Teruel is not in your sights yet, you will love this. Cosmocaixa has opened an exhibition with 43 sets of original dinosaur fossils from the Upper Cretaceous. All of them were discovered in successive expeditions to Mongolia by the American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews.

Andrews, regarded as the explorer who inspired the film character Indiana Jones, said: “There is always an adventure just around the corner … and the world is full of corners.” Right on the border between Mongolia and China, his expedition was the first in the world to discover dinosaur eggs and the skeleton of a velociraptor in 1923.

The show includes 13 complete dinosaur skeletons as fascinating as Tarbosaurus, Oviraptor, Protoceratops or Psittacosaurus. In addition to the complete skeletons in perfect condition, the exhibition includes some rarities that deserve the label of “treasures”, which gives its name to the exhibition. For example an Oviraptor nest of eggs and even the fossilized remains of an embryo of this species.

The exhibition will run throughout the year until early 2011, and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, except holidays,  from 10:00 to 20:00. CosmoCaixa Madrid, C. Pintor Velázquez, s/n – Alcobendas

Let me know if you come to visit it.


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