Dear friends,

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Lost. I have followed the adventures and misadventures of a very special group of castaways on a unique island for six seasons. And unfortunately, tonight, well… it’s the last night, the finale, the last episode. What am I going to watch now? No Galactica, no Lost! Yes, I admit it, I’m very sad about it 😦 😦

Lostzilla, an amazing fan website, organizes every year in “El Retiro” a treasure hunt called Lostkhana. And for three years, three teachers from our school look forward to the arrival of this fantastic experience. Guess who?

This year there were seventeen missions and a lot of teams. All of the missions are different and all are fun: looking for secret clues, puzzles, asking people to do really strange things… The team that completes all given missions first wins 5 points. Then, there is a round of questions about the show (very difficult). And the team that gets more points in both parts wins.

We didn’t win. But we had a lot of fun. A journalist from Cuatro joined our team and took a lot of pictures. Click HERE to see them!

You can also click HERE to watch a great video about our participation in the first edition.

Although many people might think we are a little crazy the truth is that we really enjoy sharing our likings with other people. It’s always a great experience.

I hope you liked it!!


So say we all!!!