5th Grade – SCIENCE – Living Things

Dear 5th graders,

I have put together a lot of information from various sources, to help you deal with our first unit of Science: Living Things. If you click HERE you can explore the concept map that I have prepared. Keep in mind that you must have Java installed on your computer. In case your computer does not have Java yet, you can install it from HERE. It’s very easy and it won’t take you more than two minutes. If you prefer you can download a printed version of the map from HERE.

Well, let me show some interesting LINKS

All About Cells:


Explore this 3D model of a real cell and find out how all the parts fit together:


From cells to organisms:


Can you put the tissues together and build the right organ?:


How much do you know about cells:


Find information on the life processes of living things:



I have also found some VIDEOS that may be useful:

Cell division:

I hope you find everything helpful. Let me know what you think.


So say we all!!