6th Grade – SCIENCE – Unit 3

Human newborn by Gengiskanhg

Dear 6th Graders,

Are you ready for a new a unit of Science? I have put together a lot of information from various sources, to help you deal with unit 3, Sexual Characteristics.

You can navigate through the concept map I have made. You can also download a printed version of the map from here. If you need to download Java you can do it from here.

I would also like to show you some interesting WEBSITES:

· Watch how fertilization takes place: here

· Learn what happens during pregnancy and how an embryo develops in the body: here

· See the different characteristics of puberty: here

These VIDEOS are aimed for expectant mothers. However I think they are pretty helpful because you get a detailed description of how a baby is developing inside her mother womb:

· Weeks 1-9

· Weeks 10-14

· Weeks 14-20

· Weeks 21-27

· Weeks 28-37

· Labor and birth

I hope you find it useful. Let me know your opinion.


So say we all!!