6th Grade – SCIENCE – Unit 7

Space, the final frontier

(James T. Kirk)

The Solar System. NASA

Dear 6th Graders,

Unit 7 is one of my favorites! The Solar System. “Fascinating, Captain!”, as Mr Spock would say. So get your shields up and set phasers to ‘stun’ ūüėÄ Before we start, I would like you to take a look at the great picture that Michael (6th Grade B; thanks Michael!) has done to illustrate the unit. Cool, isn’t it? Click on it to get a bigger view.

Miguel Enriquez Ballesteros - San Cristobal School

If you click HERE you will navigate through the concept map I have made. You can also download a printed version of the map from HERE. If you need to download Java you can do it from here.

Stellar Spire in the Eagle Nebula. NASA

These are some interesting websites:

· See how the movement of the Earth causes day and night in this animation: here

¬∑ Watch these fantastic animations of the Earth and Moon’s orbits. See the extension part about the Earth’s tilt and the difference between summer and winter: here

¬∑ More about the Earth’s tilt: here

· Explore astronomy and other space related topics. Play games, learn through interactive applications, and much more: here

· Amazing BBC site about our solar system: here

· ESA, European Space Agency for kids: here

¬∑ Space and science news, NASA information, space flight videos…: here

· Compare the size of our planets: here

· How would you plan a trip to Mars?: here

And now let me show you some cool videos:

¬∑ Why does the same side of the Moon always face the Earth? The Moon has synchronous rotation: it’s rotation period is the same as its period of revolution (by astrogirlwest):

· More about the Moon rotation (by NASA):

· All about the Milky Way (by ScienceChannel)

· 2006 Space Shuttle Discovery launch:

· On January 4, the Hinode satellite captured these breathtaking images of an annular solar eclipse (NASA):

I hope everything is helpful. Let me know your opinion, OK?

Beam me up, Scotty!!

So say we all!!!