6th Grade – Geography – Unit 9

Palacio del Congreso de los Diputados (by zarateman, not a student)

Dear 6th Graders,

This week I’ve been very busy and I couldn’t find time to update my dear blog with some new posts. But now I’m back into the loop again!

As you can see, this time I didn’t post any pictures made by you. If you find time and you want to send me one I will be very happy to upload it.

Unit 9 of Science, Geography and History is very interesting. Although it is just called “The population of Spain“, it also deals with more aspects of the Human Geography of our country, including economy, territorial organization and political organization. I have found some interesting links and videos that surely will help you to understand the topic.

As usual, I’ve prepared a concept map. You can reach it from here . Remember that you will need to have installed Java runtime environment in your computer. In case you don’t have it yet, you can download Java from here. It won’t work without it. You can also download a printed version from here.

A copy of the Spanish Constitution (by miguelazo84, not a student)


· You can read the Preamble to the Spanish Constitution: here

· Congress of Deputies official website: here

· Information on the Senate: here

· Palacio de la Moncloa: here


· The current distribution of the population in Spain (artehistoria.tv)

· The Spanish transition to democracy (artehistoria.tv)

· The first democratic elections (artehistoria.tv)

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So say we all!!