6th Grade – Geography – The European Union

Flag of the EU

Dear 6th Graders,

Are you ready for a new unit of Geography? I have found some interesting websites and videos that hopefully will help you understand better lesson 10, the European Unit. This time we are going to use our wiki, which we have not used in a while. Each of you will have to choose two countries to research and develop a page on the wiki, including the national anthem, a picture of the flag, information about well-known sights, pictures, food and famous people. Visitors can follow our work from here.

Take a look at these games:

· This website offers access to interactive and educational games about Europe and the European Union for youngsters: here

· Let’s explore Europe. Try this quiz: here

· Think you know a thing or two about languages? Test your knowledge with this European language quiz: here:

· A wonderful adventure diving for hidden treasures, piecing together puzzles and testing your knowledge as you go along: here

· Where’s the coin from? here

I have also found some videos:

· A review of the past 50 year in Europe:

· What is Europe?

· Peace? Dignity of man? Freedom? Protecting the environment? Children time!

I really hope it is useful. Let me know your opinion!


So say we all!!