Whenever I am about to publish a book… by Mark Twain

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.74

The other day, via Free Technology for Teachers, I came across this curious video featuring American actor John Lithgow reading Mark Twain‘s explanation of his review process before publishing a book.

I found very interesting the very last part:

“… but the man whom I most depend upon is the man who always goes to sleep. If he drops off within fifteen minutes, I burn the book; if he keeps awake three-quarters of an hour, I publish — and I publish with the greatest confidence, too…”

However, apart from the fact that Mark Twain had a very particular group of friends :D, what made my imagination fly was this:

“…His verdict has burned several books for me — five, to be accurate.”

What a responsibility this man had! How History would have changed if this man had taken a coffee before reading one of these burned books!

What do you think?


So say we all!!