April 08

We did it!

The Elsinore Jokers' dressing room

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.97

April 6, 2011. The Elsinore Jokers shone once again, this time in their performance for the jury. It was a very special day for everybody, filled with emotions, passion, excitement, joy and fun! I’m really proud of the way this fantastic team performed last night. I don’t know if we will win but I’m convinced that we have the most talented group of actors, actresses and technicians.  Thank you guys for this indescribable warmth you make me feel with each performance!

Let me show you some of the photos I took with my camera:

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This time I also shot some videos. In this one you can see the the usual bustle of activity in the dressing room:

Meet three wonderful actresses:

In this one you can see the theater one hour before the beginning:

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