A little explanation

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.121

Once I have installed my brand new version of Ubuntu 😀 and now that I am a little more relaxed after a roller coaster week of emotions I’d like to write down the details, now they are still fresh.

On Wednesday, just few minutes before the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona started, the jury’s president called me. Joking he said he had some news he wasn’t sure I would like to hear. But of course I did! He said that by unanimous decision of the jury our play, Much ado about nothing, had been first place in the “XVIII Certamen de Teatro Escolar de la Comunidad de Madrid”. I thought the dream was coming true! But to my surprise the news didn’t end there. He also announced me that all six judges agreed on awarding us the Best Direction Prize.  And to top it off he told me that we had also won a mention for Best Performance. I almost couldn’t believe it! What a beautiful reward for so much work!

The following day the director of the Awards Ceremony called to inform me that the show will take place on May 11th and that, as winners, we are expected to perform a passage from the play, not longer than 8 minutes. Alicia, Paloma and I have already adapted the script to show them different moments of the play in a row, including the main characters and Dogberry’s Watch. On May 9th I will visit the theater to check the lightning and on the 10th (afternoon) and the 11th (morning) we will rehearse on the new stage.

Many of the actors will have to make an extra effort those days since this week and the following they will be taking very important tests (PET, KET, FLYERS, Spanish Conocimientos y Destrezas Indispensables, etc)

I would like to express my most sincere congratulations to all actors and technical staff, The Elsinore Jokers. Alicia, Paloma and I are really proud to direct such a group of talented professionals, committed to theater and performing. Guys, YOU ARE THE BEST! I would also like to express my gratitude to all parents and teachers that helped us, for their unconditional support and faith. Once more, without you this would have been a lot of fuss over nothing. With you it was “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING”

So say we all!!