Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.139

This week, in 6th grade, we have been discussing about advertising. We were amazed to discover the secrets that publicists use to sell their products. Molly Lory, our Language Assistant from the U.S, gave us an engaging presentation and showed us different types of  advertising strategies. We watched some American commercials and then, we showed her some Spanish ones. It was good fun! So finally we decided that we wanted to get into the skin of a publicist. First we invented our own product. We thought a slogan and started making a a draft design for a poster. Then, we gave it a professional appearance using open-source GIMP. After that we recorded our voices, downloaded some sound effects from The Free Sound Project and mixed everything using Audacity to make an audio clip. And these are the results:

Irene & Claudia

Dog Bub’s

Audio commercial:

Julia & James

Gasy – Cola

Audio commercial:

Michael & Dani

Abrotano Macho

Audio commercial:

Arturo & Ramon

Four Rooms Hotel

Audio comercial:

David & Charlie

DC Music Store

Audio commercial:

Ainhoa & Yoli

Coco Macoco

Audio commercial:

Rodrigo & Steeven


Audio commercial:

I think everyone did a fantastic job. Some of them are really professional. In following days I will upload some videos of their presentations. Good job guys!


So say we all!!