Videos from The Galileo Theater

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.165

Another big surprise by Maria Hernández Enríquez, James & Michael’s cousin (don’t miss her blog Nokotoba!). Take a look at these short videos from the performance at The Galileo Theater.

Michael Enriquez Ballesteros (Benedick), Julia Moreno Guadalupe (Beatrice), James Enriquez Ballesteros (Claudio) and Adry Hernandez Acitores (Hero), acting their heart out

Lady, be my baby tonight! Michael winning over the audience

Irene Rubiera de Felipe (Don John), Daniel Solis Handler (Conrad) and Arturo Moscoso Sequera (Boracchio) plotting and intriguing.

Amazing videos to remember an amazing day! Thanks again Maria.


So say we all!!