6th Grade Graduation Ceremony

Dear 6th graders,

What a roller coaster week of ups and downs it’s been. Finally, the graduation day, the Big Day brought with it a strange mixture of feelings; sadness and excitement. All at the same time. Very confusing! Eventually, everything went fine. A memorable day! And I hope this post will help to this end.

My dear 6th graders, my Colonial Nuggets, my friends, you can’t even imagine how I’m going to miss you…

These photos pick up different moments of the ceremony:

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James, spectacular, as always!

Molly Lory a great, great, great teacher and friend. This day was also very significant for her. Unfortunately, next year she will be working in another school… I will miss you Molly!

Enjoy this beautiful poem by the Master of the Universe, Michael

Nacho, Irene’s dad, shared with us this insightful and touching advice.

We stood side by side each one fighting for the other.

We said until we died we’d always be blood brothers

This is my version of Bruce Springsteen’s Blood Brothers. Thanks to Pablo from Bruceoke who eliminated the guitar and the harmonica for me from his great song.

My dear 6th graders, THANK YOU one more time. You will always have me here.

I love you all so much!