Eloisa esta debajo de un almendro

Teatro Karpas - Eloisa esta debajo de un almendro

Dear Elsinore Jokers,

Following up on last year’s deserved victory, on Friday (October 14th) we’ll go to see Eloisa esta debajo de un almendro, one of the finest plays written by Jardiel Poncela. We’ll meet at 4:30 pm at the front gates of the School. Then we’ll travel together on the subway to Karpas Theater, located on Santa Isabel Street, 19 (Anton Martin Station). The play starts at 5:30 pm and finishes at 7:30 pm. Like the previous year, we will appreciate your parents to pick you up at the exit of the theater.

Apart from the fact that we will see a wonderful play, performed by a great company, I’m very excited to know that The Elsinore Jokers, the original group, will be together again. I’m looking forward to it!


So say we all!!