October 15

Reunion Day

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.287

Yesterday was a very special day! All The Elsinore Jokers who participated in the production of Much ado about nothing came together to enjoy theater from the other side of the stage, as spectators 😀 The chosen play was Eloisa esta debajo de un almendro one of the greatest works by Jardiel Poncela.

We had a fantastic evening. We didn’t stop laughing and it was an incredible feeling being together again.

This post marks, very probably, the last one under the tag Much ado about nothing. 18 entries in which I tried to show the work, effort, fun, companionship, fun… over the last year.

A cycle ends. And another begins. Lady Nitwit is our next project. Hopefully next year will be at least half as good as this year has been!!

I wanted to share these pictures to give you an idea of the wonderful time we had yesterday:

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So say we all!!