Visiting NASA: A Human Adventure

Finally, yesterday I went to see the fabulous exhibition “NASA: A human adventure“, at Casa de Campo. And believe me, it is a must see! If you’re a fan of space exploration you’ll definitely want to spend a few hours at this stunning show.

The exploration of space is explained through a number of evocative installations, from the first space rocket launches to modern exploration of space beyond our solar system. Over 400 original artifacts or replicas, including space capsules, engines, space suits, telescopes and satellites can be viewed throughout the exhibition.

Along with the entrance ticket, the visitors receive an iPod Touch with an audio guide in Spanish and other languages ​​that allow to fully understand all the info. Click here to get an idea of ​​what the facilities look like.

Prices are varied depending on whether adults, children, groups and more attend. They range from eight euros for children up to six years old, eleven euros for students and over 65 year , adults  pay 14 euros, and 34 euros for the family pack. For more information visit the official site:

My family and I had a great time and I recommend you visit it too!

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Let me know if you finally go!


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