Two Years Old!

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 2012.17

Colonial Nuggets turns TWO!

Following the departure of my First Colonials, I struggled a bit to decide where I wanted to take my blog in the future; they had set the bar very high!

But once again, I’m very fortunate to have the best students I could possibly ask for: Sixth Graders, my Pegasus Team, have proven to be a group full of pleasant surprises, with great potential and desire to face the future with confidence. And that’s the most rewarding thing to see! Fifth Graders, my Intrepid Team, are a diamond in the rough; they are destined for great things, believe me.

I could not feel prouder to see Colonials Nuggets, my dear blog, getting bigger and bigger every year. I’m thankful for my students, past and present, who work their butts off to learn and grow.

Thank you!

So say we all!!