My favorite directors

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 2012.25

We have finished our stop motion videos and I’m really proud of the work my sixth graders have done. It’s amazing how creative they are!

You don’t believe me? I’ll let the evidence speak for itself and you can draw your own conclusions…

TV (Blackboard News) – Directors: Alicia Bravo & Alejandro Ruiz

Merry Christmas – Directors: Adriana Hernandez & Alexandra Astete

Skate War – Directors: Iñigo Serrano & Adam Calin

The Magic Book – Directors: Cristina Martin & Lydia Moro

How we did it

At San Cristobal School we proudly use Max OS, the GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu created by the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid, so this article is from a Linux perspective.

After downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC we used Luciole, a very easy and simple application to make videos from images. Then we moved on to Openshot Video Editor in order to add music, sound effects, and include titles and the credits. We got the sound effects from Free Sound ( and the music from Free Music Archive ( And finally we uploaded the master pieces to Vimeo (

I really hope you like the final result. I will be very happy to read your comments!


So say we all!!