The 2012 Awards Ceremony

It was short. 15 minutes only. But, oh boy, what a performance! Eight members of “The Elsinore Jokers” performed a selection of different moments of our play, Lady Nitwit. And they did great!

We began our adventure traveling to RESAD by bus, loaded with all our costumes and props. Everybody looked at us 😀 We had made a great effort to be there and that was what counted.

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Once we arrived and settled in our dressing room, we had some time to rehearse on the stage (enormous stage!) Then, we went out to El Retiro Park and took the opportunity to practice the final bow. We had a lot of fun!

Finally, we came back in, put our costumes on and got the job done 😀 It was a very intense experience that none of us will ever forget. Once again we have set bar pretty high but we want to come back next year. And I’m sure that the memories of this day will ensure a brilliant future!

Our next (and last) performance at Teatro Galileo, on Saturday at 12:00.

Do not miss it!!

So say we all!!