May 30

Advertising 2012

Like last year, coinciding with the topic of unit 7 of our English book, we have put ourselves in the skin of a publicist… And once more it has been a very exciting experience  in different ways: we learned about advertising and how to be creative using the computer. How we did it? First we came up with our own products. We thought of a slogan for them and made a draft design for a poster. We gave them a professional appearance using open-source GIMP. After that we recorded our voices, downloaded some Creative Commons Licensed songs from dig.ccmixter, some sound effects from The Free Sound Project and mixed everything using Audacity to make the audio clips. And these are the results:

Sweta, Jessica & Alexandra

Sweet Time

Audio Commercial:

Alicia & Adriana

Su Perfume

Audio Commercial:

Cristina & Lydia

CristiLid Deodorant

Audio Commercial:

Alejandro & Iñigo


Audio Commercial:

Gisselle & Paola


Audio Commercial:

Jorge & Saad

Ferrero Cocher

Audio Commercial:

Francisco, Cristian and Adam

Audio Commercial

I hope you like them

So say we all!!