September 28



Today in Science class, we had a great time looking under the microscope at different types of cells. This experiment has put an end to our current unit on living things. The goal was to examine cells in plants and animals and identify their structure: nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane and cell wall. Our main tool was a compound microscope that came with a built-in digital camera that allowed us to project the images on the digital board.

First we looked at an onion skin to see typical plant cells. We used a methylene blue solution to stain them. We noticed that the cells took on a brick-like structure and within the cells, small dots (the nucleus) could be seen.

Then Carlos volunteered to scrape the inside of his cheek with a toothpick to examine animal cells. This time the cells were secluded and spread out.

It’s been really fun!

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So say we all!!