October 13

The Fortune Cookie

I wanted to continue practicing the present perfect so two days ago we went down to the computer lab and made use of Zimmer Twins, a great website that offers free creation of animated movies. I asked my sixth graders to make a short clip in which Edgar, Eva and 13 (the three main characters) had to use a couple of times this tense. They worked in pairs and the result was terrific! So I suggested that we should celebrate an awards ceremony. And everybody agreed!

So yesterday we watched everyone’s videos and at the end each pair voted for the best one in a Eurovision-style points system 😀 The most voted was Millan and Jon’s The Fortune Cookie. They got 30 points! But to be honest, all the videos were amazing. It’s a shame I cannot show them here but only VIP members can share their Zimmer Twins movies with the world. But believe me, they were fantastic!

So say we all!!