Forces and Machines

“We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will.”

(Ray Bradbury)

Quarryman by Domenique Chappard

I’ve put together some websites to help my sixth graders deal with the new unit of Science, forces. You can find my previous post about it HERE. And don’t forget to click on the fantastic picture Millan drew to illustrate the unit.


Millan Gonzalez-Bueno – 6th B

What is a simple machine? Click on each machine to find out more information. Don’t forget to take the quiz:

Examine Archimedes’ principles of levers and pulleys in action:

Game. Adjust the levers and pulleys of this machine to catch the burglar:

Simple machines activities through investigation and animation:

Identify and label the types of forces:

A video about mass and weight:

Air resistance and friction. See what happens when Galileo drops the ball in vacuum mode. Do you know why?

Finally, take a look at this other great picture by VANESSA where you can see Nadal hitting the ball with much effect 😀


Vanessa Esteves Mesquita – 6th A

I hope you find it useful

So say we all!!