March 20

Eloisa is heading into the final straight

I haven’t written in a while but we’re really busy with the rehearsals. Eloisa is under an almond tree is almost ready and we’re finally able to glimpse the end of this huge undertaking. It’s an incredible feeling when you see everyone doing their best to make it happen. And we really appreciate it! A couple of days ago I brought my camera to the daily rehearsal because I wanted to take some pictures of everything going on around the Elsinore Jokers. I’ve chosen three of them that represent different phases of how our dear Eloisa is growing and growing everyday:


Fantastic Iria & Millan

I love this photo because you really can see that Iria and Millan are enjoying their roles and having a great time. They work together wonderfully and do awesome work. I’m dying for you to see them in action!


Our incredible bookshelf

Ali and I are so proud of this bookshelf! We made it ourselves out of cardboard. Originally it was a bicycle box that little by little with a great deal of hard work turned into this. The books are also made with cardboard! What do you think?


Raquel & Carmen

And here you can see our last members of the Elsinore Jokers: Raquel and Carmen, two fantastic teachers always willing to help and happy to be there. We’re very fortunate to have them among us. In this picture you can see them making a chimney! I’m not going to show it to you yet. You’ll have to wait until the premiere… 😀

I can’t wait to see you all there!!!

So say we all!!