June 24

A letter from the past

I was thrilled this weekend to get an email from Adry, one of my students who graduated last year. I always feel very fortunate every time I receive an email from one of my students. The cool thing is that she sent it one year ago! She used futureme.org, a website that lets you communicate with the future 😀 It let’s you write an email to be delivered on a date in the future of your choice. This is her message:

Dear Future Angel,

I hope you won the first prize on drama this year too!! And if you didn’t, it’s alright.
I “should” be on high school right now.
I don’t know how I’m doing, but I hope I’m doing the best as I can and with very good marks (but don’t expect too much ’cause I don’t know).
I’ll visit you when I can.
See you!!

But the best of all is that today I ran into Adry and she is doing great. She got really good grades in high school.

Her email was quite premonitory in many aspects. Don’t you think so?

So say we all!!