October 27

Chuck Berry

I’ve always used songs as a way to train listening comprehension. Children love this kind of activity because they practice English in a fun, interesting and enjoyable way. They think of songs as entertainment rather than study. And that’s great. Normally, they love the songs I pick. Sometimes I even play the guitar and they sing along.

However I wanted to try something new. I wanted them to familiarize themselves with the rock icons that had composed some of the songs they love. And at the same time it was a perfect excuse to practice reading and writing. So I’ve created Rock Fridays, A History of Rock 😀 We read a brief biography of a rock legend, do some fill-in-the-gaps and then listen to two or three hits. Chuck Berry was the chosen one to start with. We had a lot of fun and at the end Mario and Pol tried his duck waking. Take a look:

Let’s rock it!

So say we all!!