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The scale of the universe

The other day, via Free Tech 4 Teachers, I found this fantastic interactive visualization of the scale of the universe. It features a huge selection of objects in the universe that are arranged according to size and scale; from quantum foam (very small) to the observable universe (very large). The visualization was created by Cary […]

The Moon in 2012… hour by hour

Folks at the NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio created this animation showing the moon hour by hour as it looks from Earth over the entire year 2012. According to NASA, the tipping, tilting and rocking are due to Moon’s elliptical orbit and tilt. Captions in the video, uploaded to YouTube by TheBadAstronomer, explain in more […]

6th Grade – Unit 7 – The Solar System

Dear 6th Graders, Below you’ll find a few links that might be useful to prepare the new Science unit: My improved concept map (cmaptools): here Last year’s post on the subject: here NASA Television (NTV) is a resource designed to provide real-time coverage of Agency activities and missions: here NASA Brain Bites – Interesting answers to common questions […]

Visiting NASA: A Human Adventure

Finally, yesterday I went to see the fabulous exhibition “NASA: A human adventure“, at Casa de Campo. And believe me, it is a must see! If you’re a fan of space exploration you’ll definitely want to spend a few hours at this stunning show. The exploration of space is explained through a number of evocative […]

A Human Adventure

A few days ago, walking down the street, I noticed a poster announcing the upcoming exhibition “NASA: A human adventure“. As many of you know I love everything related to space exploration; probably derived from my fascination with science fiction literature. And because I think there’s a lot to discover “out there”. According to Muy […]

Our Fragile Oasis

The other day, via Microsiervos, I found this great clip: a time-lapse video onboard the International Space Station while orbiting 402 kilometers above the Earth at 28,163 kilometers per hour. Time Lapse is a photograph technique that gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events. About six weeks before their return to Earth from the International […]

The relative proximity of things

Captain’s log. Stardate 2011.58 A couple of days ago, via Tech, Science and Social News, I came across this fascinating video by veritasium. If the Earth were the size of a basketball and the moon a tennis ball, how far apart would they be? Most people guessed within an arm’s length although others took a […]

The Frontier is Everywhere

Captain’s log. Stardate: 2011.48 A month ago, via Fogonazos, I came across this amazing video. The author, Canadian Reid Gower, combines beautiful pictures, inspiring music, and the touching voice of Carl Sagan. The funny story behind is that Reid created the video because he was frustrated with NASA. What wouldn’t he do if he was […]

Stars moving across the sky

Captain’s Log. Stardate: 2011.37 ALMA is an international partnership between Europe, North America, East Asia and the Republic of Chile to build the largest astronomical project in existence. Today, via Fogonazos, I have enjoyed a lot watching this video by photographer Jose Francisco Salgado in where you can see the movement of the ALMA telescopes […]

Jupiter by Sixty Symbols

Dear 6th Graders, Some months ago I came across Sixty Symbols, an astonishing website run by the University of Nottingham. They produce and share sixty videos on astrophysics, each one allied to an astronomical symbol. There is also a section devoted just to the Solar System from which I have chosen this one about Jupiter, […]

If planets orbited the Earth

Captain’s Log. Stardate: 2011.32 Today I came across this amazing video via Fogonazos. What if other planets orbited our world at the same distance as the moon? According to Brad Goodspeed, the creator of the video, “the basic idea is, each planet you see is the size it would appear in the sky if it […]