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Simpsons Comics

Dear friends, Simpsons Comics is a monthly series based on the animated TV show The Simpsons. The first issue was published in 1993. Since then over one hundred issues have been released. The stories are very similar to the ones you can expect to see on the TV show. They have high quality drawings, and […]

Half Minute Horrors

How scared can you get in thirty seconds? A few days ago Michael brought this fantastic book to class: “Half-minute horrors“. More than 70 writers and artists united for a good cause: to scare the wits out of you! Inside you will find over thirty stories, from one paragraph to two pages, including ultra-short tales, […]

Charles Addams

“Morticia: Think of Romeo and Juliet. Gomez: They died! Morticia: Oh, but what fun they had those last three days“ Some days ago Julia brought to class a wonderful book by Charles Addams. If you like comics and cartoons you would love his work. Charles Samuel Addams was an American cartoonist known for his particularly […]

Julia’s choice: Emily the Strange

“Emily is: An Artist, A Dreamer, An Inventor, A Scientist, A Skater, A Rocker and An Individual!” Emily the Strange has been a popular apparel and accessories label for nearly 15 years, with sales in Department Stores, Specialty Boutiques and other trendy retailers throughout the world. Created by Rob Reger and his company Cosmic Debris […]

National Geographic Kids: Almanac 2010

James and Michael brought me this fantastic book last week. If you liked the Guinnes World Records you will love it. In this book, amazing animals take readers into the wild and into the water. Readers discover cultural connections from food, currency, literature and lots more. It is filled with maps and fun facts. As […]

Guinnes World Records 2010 (updated)

Did you know President Barack Obama is the first US president to use email in office? Did you know that the largest cheesecake weighed 2,133.5 kg and was 2.5 m in diameter? Did you know that the tallest LEGO Structure measured 29.48m in high? I’m very lucky because Michael brings quite often many interesting books. […]

An Olympian in San Cristobal

Dear friends, Michael was really happy this morning because his uncle (Iñigo and Ainhoa‘s dad) has brought him this fantastic book from England: Percy Jackson’s “The Last Olympian“ It is the fifth and final installment in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He got it yesterday and he has already finished it! Lucky for […]