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January 26

Paradise City

Welcome back to another session of Fridays Rock! Yes, our English class on Fridays where everything revolves around the amazing world of Rock. And last Friday we had a great time because by the end of the class we improvised a super cool performance of Guns & Roses’ Paradise City. Everyone sang the first verse […]

December 09

Move like Jagger

Our last edition of Fridays Rock was devoted to Their Satanic Majesties… The Rolling Stones! We read their biography and were fascinated by the stories behind some of their most famous songs. I also wanted my students to know how Jagger moves on a stage. I played their Start me up video and asked them […]

November 23

Raise Your Hands!

Last Friday’s History of rock was devoted to Bon Jovi. We learned many things about this amazing rock band and had a great time.  My students brought wigs, leather jackets and colorful clothes to liven up the class. They’re fantastic! To top it all Alicia came by and took some pictures: Enjoy So say we […]

November 10

Hey Ho Let’s Go!

Just a quick post to let you know that we devoted our last session of Rock Fridays to…The Ramones! We read their biography, do some fill-in-the-gaps and then listened to three of their greatest hits. After that, girls and boys got together to form their own Ramones band and showed us their ability to rock […]

October 27

Chuck Berry

I’ve always used songs as a way to train listening comprehension. Children love this kind of activity because they practice English in a fun, interesting and enjoyable way. They think of songs as entertainment rather than study. And that’s great. Normally, they love the songs I pick. Sometimes I even play the guitar and they […]

June 04

Advertising 2013

Coinciding with the topic of unit 7 of our English book, I have put my students in the skin of a publicist. Like in previous years (2011, 2012) I wanted they experienced the process of editing images and audio with focus on creativity, cooperation, and openness. And one year more I think I’ve exceeded the […]

October 13

The Fortune Cookie

I wanted to continue practicing the present perfect so two days ago we went down to the computer lab and made use of Zimmer Twins, a great website that offers free creation of animated movies. I asked my sixth graders to make a short clip in which Edgar, Eva and 13 (the three main characters) had to […]