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Visiting NASA: A Human Adventure

Finally, yesterday I went to see the fabulous exhibition “NASA: A human adventure“, at Casa de Campo. And believe me, it is a must see! If you’re a fan of space exploration you’ll definitely want to spend a few hours at this stunning show. The exploration of space is explained through a number of evocative […]

A Human Adventure

A few days ago, walking down the street, I noticed a poster announcing the upcoming exhibition “NASA: A human adventure“. As many of you know I love everything related to space exploration; probably derived from my fascination with science fiction literature. And because I think there’s a lot to discover “out there”. According to Muy […]

Tutankhamun’s treasure in Madrid

“Yes, yes, wonderful things! “ In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter made the famous discovery of the history of Egyptology: the intact tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. Golden sarcophagi and shrines, carved furniture and jewelry charms… From May 21 to October 17, in Hall 12 of the “Casa de Campo” you will be able to […]