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November 01

Halloween 2014

Alverix Orcus Transfrogamorphus Spotticus Trotticus… Transferus Porcus! So say we all!! Advertisements

November 03

Halloween 2013 (2)

A video of my fifth graders following the choreography of spine-chilling Alicia to Michael Jackon’s Thriller… Enjoy So say we all!!

November 03

Halloween 2013

An innocent teacher is attacked by a group of evil creatures… Enjoy So say we all!!

October 30

Pom pom pumpkins

My great partner Charo and I wanted to bring some texture and warmth into our classrooms so we decided to make these cute little pom pom pumpkins and celebrate the coming of Halloween: So cool So say we all!!

Halloween 2010

Dear friends, Let me show you some of the pictures I took today. We really had a lot of fun! Enjoy. So say we all!!