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October 13

The Fortune Cookie

I wanted to continue practicing the present perfect so two days ago we went down to the computer lab and made use of Zimmer Twins, a great website that offers free creation of animated movies. I asked my sixth graders to make a short clip in which Edgar, Eva and 13 (the three main characters) had to […]

October 08

Superheroes & Villains

Coinciding with the topic of our first unit of English, Amazing Heroes, in 6th grade English class we have taken advantage of the possibilities of Colonial Nuggets Wiki as a perfect way to practice the present perfect. First I asked them to draw a superhero with the powers they preferred. Then I scanned them and […]

June 21

Outdoors Adventure

For the end of school year field trip, we went to a ropes course to play around in the trees. We had so much fun. And we could not get enough! 😀 I took this clip as I rode the zip-line. It was great! Enjoy So say we all!!

April 17

Visiting Museo de los Orígenes

Coinciding with the start of our first unit of History, today we visited the Museum of the Origins (Plaza de San Andrés, 2). Its permanent exhibition shows the history of Madrid from prehistoric times to the seventeenth century, through the numerous archaeological remains found in the city. The guides were awesome and made it so fun! […]

Merry Christmas!

Thursday was the last day of class and the whole school turned out for the end of term celebration. All the classes took part in the show singing Christmas songs in English and Spanish. My fifth graders sang a special version of The Ramones‘ Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight). I played the […]


Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.307 Dabogah is a new feed agregator designed to collect post from my fifth-graders (Intrepid Team). This year, due to age policies on Google I have been forced to move our classroom blogging activities to a new “universe”. Bye bye Blogger… 😦 Kidblog is a safe blogging platform for students and it […]

Halloween 2011

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.301 Yesterday, we celebrated Halloween at San Cristobal. It was super fun! Many students (and teachers) dressed up and looked great in costumes. It definitively allowed us to do something different. We also had time to make two movies, which I think were very funny. What do you think? Zombie School: The […]