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Sintel, an open movie

Sintel is a currently in production fantasy movie. The first trailer looks great. But for me, the most exciting aspect of this project is that it is being developed using free software like Blender or Gimp. Blender is a program specially designed for creating, modeling and animating three-dimensional graphics. And Gimp, as you all know, […]

Alice in Wonderland

“You’ve got a very important date” Alice in Wonderland, the fantasy  movie directed by Tim Burton will be premiered April 16 in Spain. Don’t forget that the story is not a retelling but an extension of Lewis Carroll‘s novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass 19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from […]

The Hunt for Gollum

The Hunt for Gollum, like Born of hope,  is another fan movie (35 minutes) inspired by The Lord of the Rings. The story is set in the time between the Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring. It focuses on the lands of Middle-earth, where wizard Gandalf the Grey sends ranger Aragorn on a quest […]

Born of hope

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” Bilbo Baggins Born of Hope is an independent movie inspired by the Lord of the Rings and produced by “Actors at Work Productions” in the UK. It is […]

Ainhoa’s movie: Shorts (A Not-So Tall Tale)

TOE: What’s wrong with me? COLE: What’s wrong with you? Oh buddy where do I begin? Shorts is the movie that Ainhoa has chosen for this weekend’s recommendation. Shorts is a family comedy written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. He is a very famous director and you may have heard of him from other movies, […]

Movie: Percy Jackson & the Olympians – The Lightning Thief

Some useful links: · (Hyperion Books. Information about the series of books, the characters and you can even download a few wallpapers and some games) · (The magazine of the Gods! British Percy Jackson website. You can watch exclusive videos, read an excerpt, ask the Oracle, send a question to the Gods or […]

A movie for the weekend: Spirited Away

A movie for the weekend: Spirited Away. This animated movie from Japan is the story of a 10-year-old girl, Chihiro. She and her parents stumble into what appears to be an abandoned theme park. But all is not as it seems, as the theme park is a bath-house for the spirits, and not a place […]