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April 17

Visiting Museo de los Orígenes

Coinciding with the start of our first unit of History, today we visited the Museum of the Origins (Plaza de San Andrés, 2). Its permanent exhibition shows the history of Madrid from prehistoric times to the seventeenth century, through the numerous archaeological remains found in the city. The guides were awesome and made it so fun! […]

Hidden in the vaults

Art experts have identified a small painting abandoned in the vaults of a provincial Italian museum as a work by the Renaissance master Raphael. The portrait of a woman’s head, long regarded as a 19th-century copy, is now believed to be a first draft by Raphael of part of a larger painting, The Holy Family […]

Dinosaurs, treasures of the Gobi

Dear friends, If you like dinosaurs and Teruel is not in your sights yet, you will love this. Cosmocaixa has opened an exhibition with 43 sets of original dinosaur fossils from the Upper Cretaceous. All of them were discovered in successive expeditions to Mongolia by the American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. Andrews, regarded as the […]