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June 30

Graduation Ceremony 2012

Finally I found the time to upload the pictures I took at the 2012 Graduation Ceremony. As you can see it was a great day. But from the inside we were all aware that we were enjoying the last moments together. What a bittersweet feeling! I hope this post will help to remember this special […]

June 22

Lady Nitwit – A Shadow-Puppets Show

This morning we finished our end of the year project. A mixture of everything: Lady Nitwit, stop motion, shadow-puppets and video editing. I’m very happy with the final result! 😀 What do you think? Enjoy So say we all!!

June 21

Outdoors Adventure

For the end of school year field trip, we went to a ropes course to play around in the trees. We had so much fun. And we could not get enough! 😀 I took this clip as I rode the zip-line. It was great! Enjoy So say we all!!

June 17

Glogster and Presentation

Our class was busy this last week working on their Glogster Projects. We made glogs with images, text, and video describing Spain after 1492. Finally, on Friday we made an oral presentation. I’m very proud of my sixth graders. I’m sure they’ll do great things next year in high school. And I’m going to miss […]

June 04

Advertising 2012 (2nd Part)

To conclude our project on Advertising I recorded my favorite publishers promoting their products. They have been really creative with their ideas. What do you think? I hope you like it So say we all!!

May 30

Advertising 2012

Like last year, coinciding with the topic of unit 7 of our English book, we have put ourselves in the skin of a publicist… And once more it has been a very exciting experience  in different ways: we learned about advertising and how to be creative using the computer. How we did it? First we […]

First Storyboards and Color Tests

It’s been two weeks since my first post about chroma keying and I wanted to share with you some pictures I’ve taken over the past two sessions of class, before I upload the final movies. As you can see we have worked in small groups to draw the storyboards. Some teams have even begun shooting. […]