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November 16

Mr. Jones

Who is Mr. Jones? Mr. Jones is a night security guard at an art museum. Sometimes when he walks down the corridors strange things happen around him. And he has a very important role in our upcoming stop-motion movie! This week my Sixth Graders have given him the final touches and now he is ready […]

My favorite directors

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 2012.25 We have finished our stop motion videos and I’m really proud of the work my sixth graders have done. It’s amazing how creative they are! You don’t believe me? I’ll let the evidence speak for itself and you can draw your own conclusions… TV (Blackboard News) – Directors: Alicia Bravo & Alejandro Ruiz […]

Stop motion – First videos

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.335 I’m very happy because today one of my “stop motion directors’ group” was able to finish their first production: The great clementine. It’s a shame we only have 45 minutes of class a week; Stop motion requires enormous amounts of patience and dedication and it was hard to find the time […]

Stop Motion

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.317 This morning, in arts & crafts class, we had our first approach to stop motion. Stop motion is an animation technique that gives the impression that real objects are moving on their own. The method is very simple; individual frames are shot with a camera, with the models being repositioned in […]