2nd Day

November 15, 2010

Dear friends,

Yesterday was a very long day. In the morning, after breakfast, we began the planned activities. The day’s topic was water and everything was centered around it. Apart from Javier and I, there are four more teachers: Sue (from South Africa), Erick (from New York), Carlo (from London) and Javier (from Spain). Kids were assigned to each teacher according to their level of English. They made posters about the water cycle and run many interesting experiments.

In the afternoon we were canoing at Santa Teresa reservoir. It was really fun!

In the evening Javier and I showed them the causes of shortage of water in different parts of the planet. Although they were exhausted!

Let me show you some photos and videos of this great day:

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Having class with Carlo:

In class with Sue:

Experiment about water density:


So say we all!!