6th Day

November 19, 2010

Dear friends,

On the sixth and final day at Guijo de Avila all the activities focused on the human impact on the environment. Kids drew comics to illustrate their ideas about how to improve the Earth’s health. After lunch they had a practical class in which they learned some basic techniques to navigate in the forest with easy maps and compass. Then they did an evaluation test on some of the topics they have dealt with this week (piece o’ cake!). In the evening the resident teachers handed them a diploma. After that, they still had time to show their dancing skills at a disco party!!

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Here you can hear the final version of the song Goodbye Guijo. It’s hard to understand but it’s really funny. But above all, it’s a wonderful memory of the fantastic week we spent with our friends from Sobrada.

Goodbye Guijo


So say we all!!