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June 19

Graduation Ceremony 2013

Another year, another graduation. Yesterday another group of my students finished school. Every year I try to stay cool at their departure and, every year, I end up sad to see them go. This time it was the turn of my Intrepid Team, the group I started teaching two years ago. The graduation began with […]

June 04

Advertising 2013

Coinciding with the topic of unit 7 of our English book, I have put my students in the skin of a publicist. Like in previous years (2011, 2012) I wanted they experienced the process of editing images and audio with focus on creativity, cooperation, and openness. And one year more I think I’ve exceeded the […]

February 24

The landscape of Spain with plasticine

My sixth graders have made ​​a map of Spain out of plasticine, with the main elements of the landscape that we have studied in class. It took a couple of days to work through all of the details but finally yesterday we did the final touches on the models. Then they made an oral presentation […]

February 20

The Toothpicks Star Trick

I never thought a bunch of toothpicks and a drop of water could make our day! But Yesterday Millan amazed us with this cool experiment. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, watch the video and see if you can guess his secret… Thanks Millan! So say we all!!

December 11

Beam me up, Scotty

Take a look at the incredible light bulb we made today in Science class with my sixth graders: All we needed to light up our day was: Eight D-sized batteries Mechanical pencil refills Two sets of small alligator clips A clear glass Electrical tape Toilet paper tube And this is how we did it: We […]

November 16

Mr. Jones

Who is Mr. Jones? Mr. Jones is a night security guard at an art museum. Sometimes when he walks down the corridors strange things happen around him. And he has a very important role in our upcoming stop-motion movie! This week my Sixth Graders have given him the final touches and now he is ready […]

October 18

The chicken wing connection

Coinciding with the current Science unit, the body, on Tuesday we dissected chicken wings to discover bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in a fun way. It also gave us the opportunity to enjoy chicken wings from a new perspective although some of my toughest sixth-graders had preferred to not know them from this new […]