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October 08

Kingdoms of living things

My fifth graders have finished their project about the kingdoms of living things. They used the wiki to collaborate on writing the characteristics of each grouop and finding pictures to illustrate each kingdom. Then, they presented their topics to the class. Visit the wiki to see the final result. They did a great job! So […]

January 21

The Solar System

“Challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you.” (Vulcan proverb) Below you have a list of websites I have found while I was preparing our current unit of Science, The Solar System. But before you launch your ships and are off on a journey around the universe, take a look at the beautiful picture that […]

January 09

Forces and Machines

“We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will.” (Ray Bradbury) I’ve put together some websites to help my sixth graders deal with the new unit of Science, forces. You can find my previous post about it HERE. And don’t forget to click on the fantastic picture Millan drew […]

December 11

Beam me up, Scotty

Take a look at the incredible light bulb we made today in Science class with my sixth graders: All we needed to light up our day was: Eight D-sized batteries Mechanical pencil refills Two sets of small alligator clips A clear glass Electrical tape Toilet paper tube And this is how we did it: We […]

October 18

The chicken wing connection

Coinciding with the current Science unit, the body, on Tuesday we dissected chicken wings to discover bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in a fun way. It also gave us the opportunity to enjoy chicken wings from a new perspective although some of my toughest sixth-graders had preferred to not know them from this new […]

September 28


Today in Science class, we had a great time looking under the microscope at different types of cells. This experiment has put an end to our current unit on living things. The goal was to examine cells in plants and animals and identify their structure: nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane and cell wall. Our main tool […]

The scale of the universe

The other day, via Free Tech 4 Teachers, I found this fantastic interactive visualization of the scale of the universe. It features a huge selection of objects in the universe that are arranged according to size and scale; from quantum foam (very small) to the observable universe (very large). The visualization was created by Cary […]